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The bit, where I say hello.

My name is Kai. I designed and built this site.

I design simple & easy to use websites using my photography.

Coded in HTML, CSS, JavaScript on my mac & much more. I worked on websites like this one for Orchard and other businesses.

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Some of my portfolio


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  • Foodbot. A little food related project.

    by Kai Chan Vong on

    Very short post. I’ve been working on it recently and enjoying it tons! What started off as a tiny python IRC bot has begun to take shape into a web app and who knows what else it will do in the future. Any thoughts, pop them in the comments, email or twitter. I’ll be …

  • Good bye JustGiving

    by Kai Chan Vong on

    Written a few days ago:I’ve never been good at saying goodbye and with today being my last day at JustGiving, nothing feels different yet. I joined the team in 2006 and a lot has changed over 4 years. Back then it was very much a startup and now it’s a lot more like a company/corporate …

  • Lords and Lands

    by Kai Chan Vong on

    Back in January I took a few days out to go visit some friends in Sweden. They have great food and nice weather (very snowy – check out the link). While there, I discovered an interesting game called Citadels – a simple turn based, role playing card game. The more I played it the more …

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