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Lords and Lands

by Kai Chan Vong on

Back in January I took a few days out to go visit some friends in Sweden. They have great food and nice weather (very snowy – check out the link). While there, I discovered an interesting game called Citadels – a simple turn based, role playing card game. The more I played it the more I started to think about the mechanics behind it that would be required to build it.

It led me to build the concept slowly in JavaScript to expand my knowledge of Objects and using AJAX/data. For the time being, it’s hosted in projects on this domain (, and later I’ll rebuild it in either Node.js or Ruby on Rails so we can get the full server-side goodness.

You may ask, “Why Node.js?”  Because it’s hip bro!

Seriously though – I’d like to see how difficult it would be to get something I’ve prototyped in JavaScript converted into Node to discover if the hype behind node is worthy.

I’m still a fair way from getting this all complete as I’ve also got my P2PU courses going on. Sadly out of the 3 courses I’m doing, the jQuery one has not quite lived up to my expectations. In the jQuery course our course leader tends to give lots of stuff to us around 80% complete and I find it difficult to learn that way. Maybe this is a great way for people totally new to programming/jQuery… For me, it hasn’t suited. I’m also short for how much time I can give it.

So I’ll be giving it a lot less attention than the Ruby on Rails or JavaScript course I’m on.

In the future, I’d like to think I’ll will be able to join again and give it a second change and more time. But for the time being I’ll be dipping in just to play/hack and see what other people are saying/learning.

My recommendation if you do a p2pu course is to do focus on just one and give it 100% of your attention. I’m going to focus on giving the RoR course most of my attention and just quickly getting the javascript course complete.

In other news at JustGiving, we’ve just launched teams – a project I got the chance to work on. Sadly, there are a few holes in it – like how the hell do you create a team right? There’s a magic hidden entrance to it in your account or you’ll know the url off the top of your head. Apparently we’re keeping it low profile to see how popular it gets… 

Soon however, we’ll be launching some projects I’m a lot more proud of – a landing page and a new way to donate monthly. And that’s it from me!